A New Blog and a New Focus

Welcome to my new blog, and a new blog focus!  

About two years ago, I became intensely interested in God and the Christian faith after being a lukewarm Christian for more years than I care to admit. 

I am now Hot for Jesus, a term that used to make me cringe whenever I heard it. (In my mind, it hearkened back to teenage years when cute chicks were hot for cool studs.) 

Now that I understand it in a biblical way, I am no longer offended by it: 
 "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!" Rev. 3:15
As a result of becoming Hot for Jesus, I joined a local church. I have made new friends and received sound teaching, with more to come. I am enjoying the Charismatic slant, which is different from the liturgical Presbyterian church I grew up in, or the Baptist church I attended in my 20's and 30's, or the Bible Student denomination with which I've been loosely affiliated for many years. 

Also as a result of becoming Hot for Jesus, I read over 200 books that focus on some aspect of Christianity. The authors of these books were (and are) my spiritual mentors, helping me to understand the Bible better.  

I've enjoyed reading from a range of faith backgrounds, which has enlarged my understanding of the culture of Christianity in America today. It's changed a lot since before, when I was a regular church-goer. 

And, of course, it's been in a process of change since the Great Commission. 

The reading has given me a palette of spiritual disciplines and ideas (theology/doctrine) that have broadened and deepened my own faith, and helped me appreciate the different ways people of every race and nationality so deeply love our Savior, Jesus. 

My intent on this blog is to review (or reflect on) two of these books each week. I might also, occasionally, review Christian fiction and I might write about the Enneagram, of which I have been a student for decades. There are countless books on the Enneagram, but those with a Christian emphasis are only now beginning to be published.    

The first book I will review is Abide: Keeping Vigil with the Word of God, by Marcina Wiederkehr, OSB

I didn't choose it to be first for any specific reason, except that with many books to review, I needed to start somewhere and at some time ... like, tomorrow. 

I hope you'll want to learn about these wonderful books. 


  1. What a cool idea. I'm excited to read your posts! For much of the last 7 years, I've read mostly eastern christian authors and loved it. I'm sure it will be inspiring to see what ideas and books you've discovered.

  2. You and I might be the only people who like this idea, but I'm glad there's at least the two of us. Well, really, Our Heavenly Father also supports it, or else I would never have had the motivation to do it in the first place. Josh, maybe you would like to guest post sometime, and let me and my readers know who some of these eastern Christian authors are. My reading is fairly ecumenical, but I'm not sure I've run across Eastern Orthodox writers.


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